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Independent Living Skills Trainer

Department: Nursing Home Transition Diversion / Traumatic Brain Injury 
Reports to:     Director
Rate:               $25.00 per hour and up

Minimum : High-School/ Associate Degree in Human Service field preferred. Two to Five years of experience working with people with special requirements and needs. Creating a Safe, Effective Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Patient Services, Verbal Communication, Listening, Training, Dependability, Emotional Control, Medical Teamwork


• Provide information to persons with disabilities on disability-related topics and independent 
living services. 
• Make appropriate referrals to other agencies for services not provided by Guided Steps NY, 
• Provide intake and assessment services for individuals needing IL services to determine, with 
the consumer, the services to be provided 
• Complete an Independent Living Plan (ILP) for each IL consumer in which the consumer 
determines the goals on which she/he would like to work (or have consumer sign a waiver 
declining participation in ILP) 
• Provide skills training focusing on goals identified in the ILP 
• Maintain consumer service records and follow-up referrals 
• Submit required paperwork and data entry on a timely basis according to departmental and 
agency guidelines 
• Provide peer counseling, when appropriate or make referrals for the same 
• Provide updates on consumers in assigned caseload 
• Provide education and advocacy to consumers and/or the community 
• Participate in community activities and outreach activities 
• Other duties as assigned Guided Steps NY, Inc Expectations: 
• Knowledge of disability issues, and understanding/commitment to Independent Living 
philosophy and consumer direction 
• Good communication, interpersonal, organizational and follow-up skills 
• Ability to work alone and with others in a team 
• Must be on-time and ready to work for scheduled hours 
• Ability to work together with individuals with diverse disabilities 
• Able to ask for help/guidance when needed 
• Maintain strict confidentiality 

• 1-3 years relevant experience 
• College preferred with demonstrated ability to work effectively with people with disabilities 
• Demonstrate ability to communicate both written and verbal 
• Proven organizational and time management skills with the ability to meet deadlines 
• Maintain strict confidentiality 
• Ability to be a team player 
• Bi-lingual is a plus 

****Ability to travel within Guided Steps NY, Inc’s service area and beyond Must have own 
transportation, a valid driver’s license and proof as an insured driver.

At-Will Employment: Guided Steps NY, Inc is free to terminate your employment at any time, with or without a reason. Although the Guided Steps NY, Inc may choose to terminate employment for cause, cause is not required. This is called “at will” employment. Most employees at the Guided Steps NY, Inc are funded by a variety of grants, governmental programs and endowment sources. Continued employment is contingent upon continued receipt of those funds.

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